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    A Colorado Springs dance studio offering classical instruction of ballet, pointe, jazz, ballroom, and crew style hip hop/popping.  Classes are available for all ages and skill levels for both boys and girls.  Students perform in two full length productions each spring and fall.  Production standards offer professional level quality with a unique family like flare.  For more information, click on the email link in the contact me page.



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    Saturday, May 9th 2 PM

    Wasson Auditorium



    Mandatory Spring Performance Rehearsal Schedule:

    Wasson Auditorium

    Tuesday March 31st 4:30-7:30 PM

    Thursday,  May 7th            4-9 PM

    Friday,  May 8th                 5-8 PM

    Saturday May 9th              1-4 PM


    We are OFF classes

    March 24th-26th, 31st* (*see rehearsal)

    April 2nd

    May 26th-28th

    June 2nd-4th



    Thursday May 7th Tech/Dress Run Schedule at Wasson:

    Show Openers:

    4:00-4:15             Macavity

    4:15-4:25             The Lion Sleeps Tonight

    4:25-4:40             Ballroom Showcase

    4:40-4:50             Mexican Hat Dance

    4:50-5:05             Saxo Glow

    5:05-5:20             Dia de Los Muertos Boys then Girls


    Don Quixote Act 1

    5:20-5:25             Overature


    5:25-5:30             Marketplace open

    5:30-5:45             Kitri

    Guitar Pas


    Kitri’s Father


    5:45-6:00             Seguidilla

    Entrance of Toreadors

    Matador Dance

    Street Dancer

    Peasant Matador

    Entrance of Don Q and Sancho

    6:00-6:30             Kitri’s Friends

    Scene Pas

    Basilio and friends


    Sancho and girls

    Coda of Act 1


    Don Quixote Act 2

    6:30- 6:50            Scene 1: Gypsy encampment

     Gyspy Boys

    Gypsy women

    Gypsy men

    Don Quixote and Windmills


    Scene 2: Dream Scene (Don Quixote’s dream)

    6:50-7:00             Dryad Open

    7:00-7:10             Dryad Waltz

    7:10-7:15             Dryad Queen

    7:15-7:20             Dryad Fairies

    7:20-7:25             Cupid

    7:25-7:35             Niads

    7:35-7:45             Coda of Dream Scene


    Scene 3: Back at the Inn

    7:45-8:05             Kitri and Basilio




    Death Scene

    Engagement celebration


    Act 3: Wedding Celebration

    8:05-8:20             Wedding March

    8:20-8:25             Gamache, Sancho, and Toreadors

    8:25-8:35             Sailor Dance

    **************************************(All young dancers may leave at this point and do not have to stay till final coda for Thurs rehearsal)

    8:35-8:40             Open of Pas (Kitri’s friends)

    8:40-8:45             Pas de Duex

    8:45-8:50             Basilio


    8:50-9:00             Coda of Act 3






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     Tuition – Performance Fee




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    About the Instructor


    Rachael earned a B.S. degree in Kinesiology from Colorado State University. With 35 years of dance experience, she brings not only a wealth of knowledge to the classroom, but a great love for the art. Her experience includes: Instructing all levels of ballet, Pointe, jazz, aerobics, international style ballroom dance, variations, Pas de Duex, and coaching a choreographing for performances at: The Southwest Ballet Company, New Mexico Ballet Company, Ballet Theatre of New Mexico, Dance Theatre of the Southwest, Inc., YMCA, and the Sangre de Cristo Arts and Conference Center. She has performed in numerous theatrical productions in soloist, principal, and corps roles in Stars and Stripes, The Nutcracker, Spring Waters, Les Patineurs, The Red Shoes, Les Sylphides, Coppelia, Graduation Ball, Giselle, Swan Lake, Sleeping Beauty, Le Corsaire, Cinderella, Raymonda, Don Quixote, and Paquita, to name a few. Rachael has been choreographing and directing for her school of dance in Colorado Springs for nearly 12 years.

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